Sunday, April 7, 2013

30 in Thirty: 29 - Fishing with Pop

For today's 30 in Thirty celebration, Polly and I went fishing. Considering the fact that we've been fishing together on numerous occasions, it's easy to see how that could seem like a pretty simple, mundane event for a celebration activity. And if it were just another day of fishing, I would feel the same way. But today wasn't just another day of fishing. Polly and I were joined by her cousins (unfortunately Chris got called into work and couldn't stay), Aunt Penny and Pop (Polly's grandfather)! To understand how special today's event was, you first have to understand something about Polly's family.

Pop has been fishing for a very long time. He even used to work for the New Jersey Fish & Game. And he taught all 3 of his daughters (including Polly's mom) and all 9 of his grandkids how to fish. It is impossible to get together with Polly's family and not hear stories of fishing. It's a significant part of who the family is. And for me, that's all it's ever been...hearing the stories. I mean, sure, I've been with Polly's family fishing while on vacation at Thousand Islands. But I've never been fishing with Pop. So today was an very special day. I was honored to be a part of it. Even cooler was that Rosedale Lake, where we fished, is one of the lakes Pop used to stock when he was working for the Fish & Game. And better yet, today was Pop's 86th birthday! So when Polly's brother Leroy began contacting all the grandkids to arrange this event, we were so excited that we had this weekend free on our calendar (that is not often the case these days). I didn't catch any fish (in fact, Polly's cousin Stephen was the only one to catch one), but that didn't make the day any less special. Someone took a picture of Polly and me fishing on either side of Pop. Unfortunately the camera's memory card was apparently full and the picture did not make it. I wish I could share that moment with you because it's a moment that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Here are a few of the pictures that did make it today:

The chalkboard at Gram & Pop's house
Genevieve wanted to help Pop blow out his candles
The grandkids
Stephen holding his rainbow trout with Pop
Sometimes, it's the simple activities that have the biggest impacts. I'm so glad that I finally got to take part in this amazing tradition that I've heard so much about for the last 9 years!

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