Thursday, June 11, 2015

Prayer Requests - June 2015

A huge component to our success in Costa Rica is the prayers of our family, friends and other ministry partners (though if you're praying for us I'd like to think of you as a friend). Sometimes people ask us how they can be praying for us specifically. So, every month I will try to share updated prayer needs and also share when we hear an answer to a specific prayer. Thank you so much for praying!

I will break this down into two areas: Personal and Ministry. I will also subdivide each of those areas as best as I can think to.


1. Spiritual
  • Continued growth in our intimacy with God.
  • Protection from any spiritual attacks of the enemy.
  • Genevieve understands so much more now and asks lots of questions and has told us that she has asked Jesus into her heart. We pray that she will continue to seek Him out all the days of her life. And that we will lead her and Jonah in the ways of the Lord.
2. Physical
  • We seem to be running through colds or allergies one after the other since rainy season started.
  • My knee has been bothering me off and on lately which has kept me from doing a lot of intensive exercise. The last few times playing soccer, it's been significantly better, but it's not 100%.
  • The kids as they continue to grow and develop (i.e. Jonah's teething, etc.).
3. Relational
  • Continued friendships with both Christians and non-Christians among both Americans and Costa Ricans for all of us.
  • That we will have opportunities to share Jesus in the context of our friendships with non-Christians.
  • For a strengthened marriage, parent-children relationships and sibling relationships
4. Emotional
  • As we miss family in the States.
  • As we say good bye to friends returning to the States or their mission field (for those from the language school).
  • Anything else that comes us through culture shock or life in general.
5. Mental
  • Continued growth in our ability with the Spanish language.
  • Continued growth in my ability to interpret.
  • For the kids to continue to grow and develop mentally (i.e. Genevieve as she learns to read, etc.).
6. Financial
  • Among other things, we miscalculated our personal budget in December and are still in the process of working our way out of the slight debt incurred as a result.
  • God provides for our monthly ministry need every month through various means. We are still looking for monthly financial partners
7. Practical
  • Polly and I need to get our Costa Rica driver's licenses very soon.
  • We need to finish up with Genevieve's residency.


1. Chicos/Chicas
  • For favor as Polly helps with the Chicas ministry and as my friend and I continue to pioneer the Chicos ministry in the community of Linda Vista. We have been meeting with the Chicos for about a month now and have really been able to start building good relationships and have had some great discussions and such.
  • We also are still praying for the ability to purchase a house attached to the school for Chicos to meet in. We already have money to purchase it (our missionary mentor and area directors have worked all this out) but need the seller to agree to sell it to us and at the right price.
  • One of the girls in Chicas, her parents, 3 brothers and sister lost their home to a fire a little over a week ago. We have been helping to get things together for the family and will hopefully be helping to rebuild their home for them. The girl's name is Engel (pronounced like Angel).
2. OneHope Project
  • Traveling mercies as we travel throughout the country to distribute these books (they contain a basic plan of salvation and cover some age appropriate issues) to the churches.
  • That these books would be useful in young people and their families coming to and growing in Jesus.
3. Children's Ministry
  • We have been asked to help teach at a children's retreat for a church we have done ministry with in the past here.
  • Other opportunities we have to teach children or train leaders.
4. Bible School
  • I have been asked to help with the Children's Ministry track at the local Bible school, including teaching a couple classes a week likely starting in the Fall.
5. Missions Teams
  • We have a number of teams coming this summer to help in various projects. Please pray for favor in each of these situations.