Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Taking Aim at the Target

[UPDATED 08/31/17 09:43am]

Well, September is almost here. Our target has been to leave for Bolivia in September for quite some time. One big question looms: Will we hit the target?

We believe that the answer to that question is, "Yes!" That answer is based on the fact that we believe that God is able! We also believe that we need to bring our needs and desires to the Lord in prayer. This is why we are sharing this prayer guide with you, so that you can agree with us for God to move in some specific areas as we take aim at the target. We ask you to agree regularly as God leads us through these areas. We are also specifically focusing on prayer this Friday, September 1st as it is the first day of our target month. Perhaps you may consider taking a little extra time to focus on prayer for us and these needs on that day.


We must receive clearance in a number of areas prior to departure for Bolivia. Of those, these prayers are focused on 2: visa clearance and financial clearance.

1. Visa

Polly and I already have our temporary visas necessary to arrive in Bolivia. The kids still need theirs, however. We also need to have all necessary documentation for temporary residency legalized by the Bolivian consulate in New York City prior to departure. Please pray for:
  • [UPDATED] Favor as we send in applications for Genevieve and Jonah's visa to the Bolivian consulate in New York City
  • All the documents we need to apply for temporary residency to arrive quickly
  • Favor as these documents are certified
  • The officials at the Bolivian consulate to accept and legalize all the documents (there is one in particular that could be an issue, though we are believing it won't be; thankfully a new plan B option would not affect our time frame)
2. Financial

Praise God that we have reached 90% of our monthly budget raised which allows us to deal with our visas and, upon their approval, purchase our plane tickets. Please pray for:
  • The remaining 10% of our monthly budget to come in as we cannot leave until we are at 100%
  • Blessings upon those who have partnered with us already
  • God to speak to the hearts of the church leaders and individuals who will become a part of our sending team through finances moving forward
  • Favor in all remaining itineration services, meetings and conversations

Clearances are critical, but they are not the only thing requiring our attention. We have other things to focus on in preparation for our impending departure to Bolivia. Please pray for:
  • God to give us wisdom and guidance with what to pack and what to leave behind, sell, give away, throw away, etc.
  • Us to be able to acquire things we still need
  • Decisions regarding Genevieve's schooling in Bolivia
  • Strength through all the impending goodbyes
  • Favor in upcoming medical, dental and eye exams
  • Favor and wisdom as we prepare to purchase plane tickets
  • Traveling mercies as we travel a lot during our final month here
  • Strength to work through a busy schedule
  • God to help us navigate the emotions that come with transition
  • Any loose ends that need to be tied up
  • Favor and wisdom as friends help us look for housing in Bolivia
Of course, you can pray for us in any other area as you feel impressed on your heart by the Holy Spirit. Especially considering that these are items prior to our departure. There will be many prayers needed when we arrive and while we serve there as well. Thank you for praying with us. Please feel free to Facebook message us (facebook.com/mikeandpollybrown) or email us (mikeandpollybrown@gmail.com with anything that we can be praying for you about or with anything you feel the Lord puts on your heart regarding us as you pray. Thank you!